BLOOM!‘s current members are: choreographers & performers Viktória Dányi (HU), Csaba Molnár(SK), Moreno Solinas (IT), Igor Urzelai (ES), Alberto Ruiz Soler (ES); and manager Anikó Rácz(HU), and who are joined by different guest artists according to the specific needs of each piece.

Viktória Dányi

- choreographer & performer -

Viktória trained at the Budapest Contemporary Dance School and finished her studies with a Certificate degree at the London Contemporary Dance School. She then moved to Budapest, where she is currently working as a freelancer. She has recently participated to creations by choreographers: Klári Pataky, Eszter Gál, Zoltán Nagy, Adrienn Hód, Gyula Berger and Iván Angelus.

Csaba Molnár

- choreographer & performer -

Csaba started his studies at the Budapest Contemporary Dance School and continued his studies in P.A.R.T.S. (Brussels) graduating in 2008. He has worked as a performer with Adrienn Hód, Eszter Gál, Wally Cardona amongst others). Csaba worked for two years with Florence- based Compania Virgilio Sieni Danza. He is a funding member of BLOOM! and he develops his interest as a choreographer independently as well as with the collective.

Moreno Solinas

-choreographer & performer-

Moreno has worked as a performer with Bonachela Dance Company (The Land of Yes and The Land of No, apprentice), DV8 Physical Theatre (restaging of To Be Straight With You), Stan Won’t Dance (creation and touring of Babel) and Earthfall (creation and touring of The Factory). Since 2007 he has created dance works in collaboration with Igor Urzelai. Moreno and Igor have been invited to join Work Place, an ongoing programme promoted by The Place (London) which will give support to eleven choreographers in order to realise their choreographic projects; and the Escalator Dance programme, aimed at supporting the development of dance artists in the East region of England. In 2011 Moreno has participated to the professional development programme ChoreoRoam Europe. Moreno’s solo Life Is A Carnival was selected for Aerowaves 2013. He has made work in collaboration with renown organisations such as Dance Umbrella, Bloomberg SPACE, The British Museum, the London Contemporary Dance School and Edge. Moreno is a founding member of BLOOM!.

Igor Urzelai

- choreographer & performer-

Igor started his studies in Madrid, combining an acting degree with his dance training at the Real Conservatorio Superior de Danza, before graduating at the London Contemporary Dance School. Igor pursues an independent career as a performer and choreographer, and has collaborated with Moreno Solinas since 2007. As a dance artists Igor believes in making free-spirited work which can be thought-provoking and humorous at the same time; non compromising and with a real sense of artistic integrity he aims to create works that can be accessible to broad audiences. In 2009 he co-founded the award winning Hiru Dance Org a group of six dance artists and advocates working together to produce and facilitate contemporary dance across Europe. Igor is also a founding member of BLOOM!. Recently Igor has been invited to join WorkPlace, a community of artists sustained by The Place (London) and he now continues to make and perform his work in a collaborative context.

Alberto Ruiz Soler

- sound composer-

Alberto is a sound artist specialised in contemporary dance. He graduated from the University of the Arts London in 2009 with a First Honour degree in Sound Arts and Design. He combines sound composition with research into how we perceive and understand sound. Since 2005 he has been working as a sound composer for contemporary dance with independent companies in Madrid and London, such as Place Prize finalists Eva Recacha and Riccardo Buscarini & Antonio de la Fe Guedes, Abyssal and HitchhikeDance Collective and BLOOM!. He also works as an independent artist and has presented works in Brighton (Couchwerks) and London (Royal Festival Hall, Elevator Gallery, Cafe OTO, etc.).

Anikó Rácz

- production & tour manager -

Anikó has worked in the field of contemporary dance as an arts manager for 9 years now. Beside her permanent manager position at the Budapest-based Artus Contemporary Arts Studio she has been the venue manager / programmer for the Dance and Theatre venue at the Sziget Festival, has worked for the Alternative Theatre Festival, for the Contact Budapest International Festival. She joined Bloom right at the beginning of their collaboration and assisted in the making of their first piece, City.